Saturday, February 24, 2007

How to write a grant proposal

Over the years, I've come across a great variety of articles about writing grant proposals. While they all have something good to say, few provide a comprehensive overview that I feel is worth reading more than once.

Here is the exception:

Get Started Tutorial - Proposal Writing Short Course

Every few months, someone contacts me about learning how to write a grant -- usually on behalf of a friend of theirs who is either working for a non-profit that does not have a full-time fundraiser on staff, or for someone who is trying to start a non-profit. I forward this resource to each of them, and it always seems to work well for them.

I hope that it's helpful!


Here are some other links:

How To Write a Grant Proposal, by Joanne Fritz
(provides a nice straight-forward outline for a proposal)

How to Write an Outreach Grant Proposal, by Karen M. Markin
(focus is on education programs)

How to Write a Letter of Inquiry (from the Foundation Center)

Non-profit guides (several resources related to grant writing)