Friday, May 4, 2007

Do you write like a boy or a girl?

This is pretty interesting... tries to determine if your writing looks masculine or feminine in its writing style. If your audience is heavily weighed towards one gender, it could be an interesting test to drop your copy for your newsletters and appeal letters into this form to see if you're "speaking the right gender."

The Gender Genie

Here is the abstract from the articel about the algorithm used to make this determination:

This paper explores differences between male and female writing in a large subset of the
British National Corpus covering a range of genres. Several classes of simple lexical and
syntactic features that differ substantially according to author gender are identified, both in
fiction and in non-fiction documents. In particular, we find significant differences between
male- and female-authored documents in the use of pronouns and certain types of noun
modifiers: although the total number of nominals used by male and female authors is virtually
identical, females use many more pronouns and males use many more noun specifiers. More
generally , it is found that even in formal writing, female writing exhibits greater usage of
features identified by previous researchers as "involved" while male writing exhibits greater
usage of features which have been identified as "informational". Finally, a strong correlation
between the characteristics of male (female) writing and those of nonfiction (fiction) is