Sunday, May 13, 2007

Shopping for Charity

For the past few years, Central Dallas Ministries has partnered with a few corporations that allow our donors to designate a portion of their purchase to CDM:

  • Tom Thumb: This grocery store has a "Rewards Card" for its customers, who register for the card to save money on their shopping (they scan the card at checkout). These customers can also designate charities like Central Dallas Ministries to receive a portion of their total purchase (at no cost to them). Customers have to go through a short registration process to add the charity to their membership card, but after that they will never have to do anything more than shop at the store.
  • Kroger: Similar to Tom Thumb, this grocery store provides CDM with the opportunity for our donors to designate a percentage of their total bill as a donation to CDM (at no cost to the shoppers). However, whereas Tom Thumb requires the shoppers to register for the service at the Customer Service desk, Kroger provides CDM with business-card sized scancards that we can hand out to our supporters. Whenever they shop at Kroger, our supporters can simply scan this card along with their membership discount card in order to designate a percentage of their bill to CDM.
  • CDM hosts a monthly book club, and we have established a partnership with through which our supporters can designate a percentage of their online purchases to support CDM. While we unfortunately cannot simply provide our donors with a code to enter into their final purchase, we can build links to products and put them on our Web site. For an example, see:
In addition to these partnerships, we recently enrolled in a new partnership through the Web site Giveline . As the Web site says, "Giveline has over a million bestselling products, and every purchase you make generates a significant donation. We invite you to check out the store by clicking the link below:"

We've also just enrolled in another program through Good, through which our donors can raise funds for us simply by selecting our organization and then searching as normal.

DISCUSSION: What other programs are your organizations using to help your donors raise funds for you?