Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What do the wealthy want, already?!?

Phil Cubeta posed a question to me on his inimitable blog. Unable to avoid the call to arms, I attempted a response.

Gift Hub: How the Rich Portray Their Lives - The Role of Fundraiser or Advisor as Mirror

Donors are like the rest of us: fickle; impulsive; given to sudden bouts of rage, despair and joy; overwhelmingly appreciative of any proof that we do, in fact, exist; skeptical of the same.

I am not sure what they are interested in. I am paid, albeit not very well, to attempt to answer that question. It is, so far, a work in progress. The best I have come up with so far is this:

They are interested in themselves, but more importantly their vision of themselves. They want to see that vision of themselves grow to encompass a vision of world, and they want that larger vision preserved (indeed, imposed on others).

In this way, they are as survivalist as the rest of us. They just utilize charitable giving to achieve their goals. However, I have yet to meet more than a handful who take this giving as seriously as their consideration of what to eat for lunch (let alone dinner).

Am I a cynic? A realist? Under-caffeineted and in need of sustainable forms of unrestricted revenue?