Saturday, August 4, 2007

Upriver we go .....More on Philanthromapping

Several posts ago, I commented on Phil Cubeta's challenge to me... or, more appropriately, to our sector. I found a possible response to his challenge in item #4 on this blog: Tactical Philanthropy: Top Five Ways to Know Everything About Philanthropy.

Get Xigi With It: Are you on the map? In their own words, “xigi (pronounced "ziggy") is a social network providing market intelligence and mapping tools to make sense of the capital market for good.” Xigi let’s everyone and anyone find the connections between various players in the fields of philanthropy, social enterprise, and the other constantly evolving fields of “doing good”. Find the people and entities participating in the philanthropic capital markets and identify the deals they’re working on together. Try browsing the various member of the network and you’ll quickly find people and organizations you’ve never heard of who are working on amazing projects.

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