Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What are YOUR advocates doing for lunch?

Warren Buffett has raised another ground-breaking sum of money for the Glide Foundation by auctioning off a lunch with him. My only question is ... for $650,100, what's for lunch?

Buffett's Charity Lunch

An eBay charity auction for a two-hour lunch with the philanthropist Warren Buffett leaped past last year’s record in the final 20 minutes of bidding, netting $650,100, reports Bloomberg.

Until just before the auction closed, the highest bid sat at $452,600, well below last year’s winning bid of $620,100.

But the financiers Monish Pabrai, who put up two-thirds of the money for the winning bid, and Guy Spier swooped in and secured the meal with Mr. Buffett at New York’s Smith and Wollensky steakhouse.

The proceeds of the auction support the Glide Foundation, which feeds, clothes, and trains the poor and homeless in San Francisco.

Read The Chronicle’s coverage of the Buffett family’s support of the Glide Foundation.