Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Trent Stamp Strikes Again

Trent Stamp would likely be proud of this article in The Dallas Morning News by Kim Horner (one of the strongest reporters in North Texas). The article, entitled, Cattle Baron's Ball nets millions for cancer, but party's cost is a secret" delves into the sour side of sweet events like the world-famous Ball after penning the apt phrase:

"Tonight's Cattle Baron's Ball is the kind of party that would make J.R. Ewing feel right at home."

In fact, Mr. Stamp is quoted in the article:

Officials from charity watchdog groups say charities should provide more information to back up fundraising figures.

Trent Stamp, president and executive director of Charity Navigator in New Jersey, said that expenses equal to 20 percent of gross proceeds – the cancer society's goal this year – makes for a good rate of return. But he said a charity should disclose publicly all of its finances.

"To not be totally transparent about that is perhaps a red flag and something that donors should be cautious about," Mr. Stamp said, adding that donors increasingly are demanding more accountability from charities.
Go get 'em, Trent.