Saturday, December 1, 2007

One Post Challenge

Thanks to Sean at Tactical Philanthropy for the invitation to submit a blog to the One Post Challenge. Thanks to the encouragement of Phil Cubeta at GiftHub, I submitted my blog, "The Secret Leaders of the Philanthropic Revolution.

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Of course, despite all that I say in this blog, there is some truth to the power of wealth, reputation and influence...

Gates Keepers :: China says it will change a policy the same week the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announces its programme there

I am still interested in discovering who is quietly shaping the future of our sector, but we would all be fools to ignore the actions of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The institution is easily the largest private foundation on the planet, and likely one of the most important actors on the stage of global health.

Let us all hope that they use their power wisely. The future of our world, let alone our sector, depends heavily on it.

(Extra points for those who can identify the attached picture)