Thursday, February 21, 2008

Partying for a Purpose: The future of fundraising?

In this business, I often find myself needing a drink at the end of the day. It's good to know that I might soon be able to drown my sorrows to the benefit of my organizations, thanks to - For the listing of every charitable and purposeful event in the country!

According to the site, "P4AP is the place where anyone can post, promote, invite and RSVP to any social event with purpose in the country."

Some more details....

Making Charity Fun, Free and Easy for Everyone is a free, user-generated event portal and community for the listing of every charitable and purposeful event in the country. Designed as a philanthropic catalyst for socializing through shared interest, the site allows anyone to easily post, create and explore event information (by price, type, purpose, and distance); promote purposeful activities; send customized event invitations and organically expand both personal and organizational networks - all for free, all the time.

Harnessing the Power of Purpose
4 out of 5 Americans born after 1979 (78 million strong!) feel a personal responsibility for making the world a better place. An astonishing 89% of this generation will even re-consider purchases when offered a comparable alternative that supports a cause they care about. Due to these trends and others, the opportunity for increasing charitable activity is enormous; businesses are paying more attention as well, with corporate donations in 2005 alone rising 18.5% to $13.8 billion.

Shifting the Paradigm and Creating Impact
Any activity from free happy hours to birthdays, poker nights and galas can be infused with an element of purpose, making them even more enjoyable and rewarding. By creating a platform that makes it easy to party with a purpose any day of the week, we believe that over time we can have a significant impact on the traditional paradigm of charitable engagement – both in how individuals socialize and how organizations communicate around their mission.

Working Together To Make a Difference
P4AP is working with a growing list of national charities, senior business leaders, young professional influencers and celebrity spokespeople to ensure maximum impact. Please contact us if you see ways we can work together!

What's YOUR Purpose?

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