Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mobile Text Donations for Non-Profit Organizations

Ummmm.... this seems naughty
I received this nice email from James Eberhard, Co-Founder & Chairman of, which bills itself as "the easiest way to raise money for your cause." I am glad that he caught the intent behind my previous post.

I’m the CEO over at Mobile Accord, a mobile technology provider to NPOs. I’ve got your blog in my reader, and I really enjoy your posts, especially the one on the "f" word, that was great.

I’m sending you a quick note today because we are launching, a first of its kind service enabling NPOs to create and launch text message donation campaigns. We have worked with The ASPCA, Amnesty International, Alicia Key’s organization- Keep a Child Alive, and many others to raise thousands of dollars in donations.

I think your blog audience would be interested in learning about our service, as it allows non-profits to collect donations from the majority of the nation’s 250 million mobile phone users.

As you may know 80% of Americans carry a cell phone and now they can use the mobile phone to support their favorite cause by having a non-taxable donation added to their phone bill.

During this year’s SuperBowl, Mobile Accord worked with the United Way to launch a commercial proving out the concept of mobile donations with stellar success. You can view the SuperBowl commercial here-

I would very much like to hear your feedback and any feedback that your readers may have. More information on mGive can be found at
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More info here:
Mobile Text Donations for Non-Profit Organizations
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