Saturday, May 31, 2008

NGOs Need Advertising Aimed at the Advertiser

Cause MarketingNoelle Weaver writes in Advertising Age about the typical advertising agency exec's perspective on working with non-profit clients: "Nonprofits and foundations are still treated like orphan children in the advertising and marketing industry."

Sounds like non-profits need to do some improved marketing to the marketers!

Some ideas on how the non-profit sector can improve its branding in the minds of the brand-builders:

  1. Send them a copy of Breakout: Social and Cause Marketing: Creating Value, Building Relationships - PRSA 2007 International Conference Blog
  2. Point them to the successful relationship between The Richards Group and the Salvation Army
  3. Recruit advertising execs to join our boards and form "branding committees" that are empowered with real budgets and decision-making authority;
  4. Integrate branding as a core component of our strategic plans;
  5. Take our brands as seriously as we take our work. The way our brands are perceived in the marketplace is directly related to how much money we can raise, how effectively we can lead advocacy efforts and more.
I would be very interested to hear your reactions to this. Please share your stories and suggestions!

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