Wednesday, June 11, 2008

12 Easy Ways to Build Your Nonprofit’s Email List

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide recently posted 12 Easy Ways to Build Your Nonprofit’s Email List.

The details of the list are worth reading, but here is the list itself to tempt you to click:

  1. Send a regular e-newsletter to your list.
  2. Include a simple sign-up box on your website, ideally on every page, but on your homepage at a minimum.
  3. Make changing an address very easy.
  4. Encourage readers to forward your e-newsletter to friends
  5. When people register for your events, tell them they will receive your e-newsletter too.
  6. Bring a paper sign-up sheet to all of your face-to-face events and include one at your reception desk if you get a lot of in-office foot traffic.
  7. Let supporters decide what they get.
  8. Offer a special download.
  9. Sponsor a contest or drawing.
  10. Collect business cards at presentations.
  11. Ask for email addresses on all of your forms.
  12. Offer great content!

Read the full list here... plus a helpful nugget at the end about building trust: