Monday, June 2, 2008

High Impact Giving Opportunities

Arabella Advisors' "High-Impact Giving Opportunities" list
Thanks to Phil Cubeta at for citing this powerful example of extremely effective donor communications:

High Impact Giving Opportunities from Arabella Philanthropic Investment Advisors:
Arabella Advisors produced the High-Impact Giving Opportunities: Philanthropy that Makes a Difference list to assist donors in assessing the urgent issues that are underfunded and/or under-recognized. These ten issues allow donors to make an impact, whether they are able to contribute $100, $100,000, or $1 million.

Arabella Advisors recruited a distinguished group of independent advisors, including opinion leaders, foundation and association executives, and business leaders to provide ideas and feedback on issues needing the attention of donors. Selection criteria required that the issues:
  1. Address urgent needs;
  2. Lack the attention they deserve within communities of donors, among policy makers, and in the general public; and
  3. Provide donors with opportunities to have a significant impact.
The advisory group considered: What issues are timely but overlooked? What challenges lie on the horizon that might be mitigated with proactive support? Where can one’s contribution go the farthest in saving lives, educating children, preserving the environment, alleviating poverty, or addressing another urgent need? Where can donors see measurable return on investments?

For donors taking a more strategic approach to philanthropy, the answers to these questions are central to effective giving and to solving the most critical social problems facing our world.
View the press release announcing the inaugural High-Impact Giving Opportunities List, listen to a show about HIGO on NPR's Marketplace Money and/or download the full High-Impact Giving Opportunities: Philanthropy that Makes a Difference list here: