Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 ways to make your Web site design project go smoothly | 10 Things | TechRepublic.com

Web Master... get it?
I will never think of the term 'Web Master' the same again...
TechRepublic.com had an interesting post that our IT Director, Imtiaz Haiyoom, forwarded to me called 10 ways to make your Web site design project go smoothly. The full details are here:

As a teaser (or spoiler?), here are the points themselves:

#1: Politely keep those who lack a clue out of the process

#2: Prototype on paper before coding

#3: Build your site map before you start designing

#4: Don’t worry about the home page or link names

#5: Forget about the content, too, while you’re at it…

#6: …But don’t let others forget about the content

#7: Organize the site around the users, not the organization

#8: Don’t overlook SEO, usability, and accessibility

#9: The details make the difference

#10: Have a game plan!

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