Thursday, July 3, 2008

Podcasts - The Business of Innovation

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Innovation makes the world go 'round?
My friend Erik Spurlock referred me to CNBC's series on The Business of Innovation, which is available in podcast here:

Here are Erik's insightful comments, which might make you interested in taking the next step and listening to the podcast:
I watched CNBC's The Business of Innovation. It was an excellent series. Here are the highlights of the panel's 2009 innovation challenges:

  1. Challenges with personnel. Innovation is everyone’s job. The message of innovation needs to be apart of everyone's pursuit.
  2. Collaboration. Finding the right partners to be apart of your innovation. Getting competitive advantage and mind share from those partners.
  3. Leadership – Classic challenge. Making the hard decisions. Making the decisions to take on the right types on innovation. Taking innovation to scale.
  4. Learn how to fail fast, listen to customers, Convert lessons into real value for your customers. Learning Curve on your side, not a hindrance.
The episodes' themes:

  • The Human Element - All about the importance of people
  • Innovate or Die - Stay relevant. Listen to your customers Avoid complacency
  • Redefining Innovation - Enhancing customer experiences, using technology to innovate a customers experience
  • The Responsibility Revolution - Exploring green business practices as innovation
  • The Executive Plan - Working innovative strategies that drive business
I hope that you enjoyed the material as much as I did.
Erik ended his email to our group with this important question... which I now pose to you:

"As tactical, strategical and operational managers at your companies, how are you driving innovation?"

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