Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Megatrends in Philanthropy

Phil Cubeta's recent post on Gift Hun, "Megatrends in Philanthropy: Towards Donor, Advisor, Nonprofit Collaboration," is well worth a read:

Phil has several challenges for fundraisers to consider:

  • Donors are not ATMs. They are people.
  • The advisor is your partner, but can become an adversary if not engaged effectively. At the end of the day, they are likely closer to the donor than you -- so neglect their interests and concerns to your peril!
  • Educating donors to be better donors is not just a good form of donor cultivation: it is your moral obligation as a fundraiser.
And, most profoundly:
"Why not align your giving programs with your institutional values and treat donors as cherished members of the kingdom of ends (Kant) rather than as means to an end? Get your giving process aligned with your deepest mission as an organization, and I (being a prize Fool) predict that your fundraising will flourish as never before."
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