Monday, September 22, 2008

13 Questions To Answer Before Jumping Ship

Jumpin ship
Some things to ask before jumpin' ship...

This is an excellent article from The NonProfit Times... and it really hits home with me, as I prepare to transition over to another organization next month.

13 Questions To Answer Before Jumping Ship
Sometimes the best way to help the nonprofit sector is to move around within it.
That’s right, it might be a good idea to change jobs.

At a recent conference on fundraising, Janie Anderson of Janie Anderson Consulting Services said that fundraising techniques might best be applied to an individual’s career.

In other words, it might come down to a feasibility study, preparation and research, cultivation, solicitation, negotiation and a close.

Preparation would include not only a resume but also a log of accomplishments, a case and points for negotiation.

There are certain questions that should be asked, however:

  • What is my future in this position?
  • Can I advance, improve my skills?
  • Is my supervisor likely to leave?
  • Have I been in this position/organization long enough – or too long?
  • What is the market for my skills?
  • Will I be a good fit in a new culture?
  • Will another job (or organization) further my career goals?
  • Why did the previous person leave a position I am considering?
  • Do I care about the cause?
  • Are the expectations reasonable?
  • What raise range can be expected here/in the region/in the sector?
  • What have I accomplished this year?
  • In what areas have I exceeded expectations?

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