Friday, April 17, 2009

Blogging 2.0

Per my last blog, I've noticed it's been impossible to blog with any regularity since: a) Harper was born, b) I joined the Center for Nonprofit Management. The former is understandable, and the latter is due mostly to my intense love for distracting myself with the wonderful work of our 1,300+ nonprofit partners.

So, in an attempt to blog more often, I'll be Blogging via text (as in last post) and via email (as in this post). I've been known to write too much anyway, so hopefully this new format will keep it more brief and hopefully more effective as a tool.

Here is a question that needs more exploration: how do tools like Twitter, email blogs and other 'quick hit' communications contribute to your mission, and how do they actually take away from it?

On the latter, I hope to explore how these revolutions in communications can actually pull us away from building genuine relationships -- the core of any strong development effort -- and more towards processing transactions.

Would love any feedback on the concept.

Jeremy Gregg, CFRE
Vice President of Development

Sent from my phone; please excuse brevity and typos.