Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to Drucker-ize Your Nonprofit: Overview

The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization
Peter Drucker's "The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization"

I am deeply grateful to Bob Buford for redirecting my path back to Peter Drucker, heralded by many as "the father of modern management." A renowned thinker, Peter Drucker first entered my life during my graduate studies at the University of Texas at Dallas' Executive MBA program. I came across his "Managing the Non-Profit Organization: Principles and Practices," a book that I purchased but never made the time to read.

Thankfully, Bob has steered me back to Drucker. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting some excerpts from one of Drucker's books called "The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization." Actually, I'll just be posing some "leading questions." They are well worth exploring.
"Nobody ever asked better questions than Peter Drucker. All the personality, all the wisdom is here to make your work dramatically more effective. There’s nothing better. It’s like having Peter at your side."
—Bob Buford, author, Halftime and Finishing Well, Founding Chairman, The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management
From the Publisher:
With Peter Drucker’s five essential questions and the help of five of today’s thought leaders, this little book will challenge readers to take a close look at the very heart of their organizations and what drives them. A tool for self-assessment and transformation, answering these five questions will fundamentally change the way you work, helping you lead your organization to an exceptional level of performance.

Peter Drucker’s five questions are:

• What is our Mission? with Jim Collins
• Who is our Customer? with Phil Kotler
• What does the Customer Value? with Jim Kouzes
• What are our Results? with Judith Rodin
• What is our Plan? with V. Kasturi Rangan

These essential questions, grounded in Peter Drucker's theories of management, will take readers on a exploration of organizational and personal self-discovery, giving them a means to assess how to be--how to develop quality, character, mind-set, values and courage. The questions lead to action. By asking these questions, readers can focus on why they are doing what they are doing in their work, and how to do it better. Designed for today’s busy professionals, this brief, clear and accessible book will challenge readers to ask these provocative questions and it will stimulate spirited discussions and action within any organization, inspiring positive change and new levels of excellence, helping all to envision the future of theirs' or any organization.

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