Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My latest conspiracy theory re: Swine Flu

OK, seriously, the public reaction to "swine flu" is just getting ridiculous.

Here's a conspiracy theory:

What if this whole thing was puffed up by the Germ-X people to spike sagging sales?

Everywhere I go, I see their products on everyone's desk... I think that they are actually bathing kids in it at my daughters' day school.

(Germ-X Lawyers... I am just joking here. I do not think that you were involved. I have a bottle of your stuff here at my office, too.)

But seriously, I wish I had stock in this company prior to the outbreak.

I'm just sayin'. When there is a rash of broken car windows, you have to look twice at the guy who gets hired to repair them.

And is it just me, or don't the people who write Anti-Virus Software have an incentive to create computer viruses that their systems can block but that others can't?

OK, enough of this. Back to work.

Watch your back.

Use your Germ-X.

Trust no one.

Keep your laser handy.

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