Friday, May 1, 2009

My latest love... KIPP: TRUTH Academy

No better way to start the day than meeting the students of KIPP : TRUTH Academy
Thank you to Jim Chambers and Lesa Engelthaler of TNS Partners for the introduction to the amazing staff and dynamic students of the KIPP : TRUTH Academy this morning.

Rarely have I been as impressed with the power of a youth development program as I was this morning. Beyond the facts and figures (i.e. doubling math scores within three years and having 100% acceptance to elite high schools), the KIPPsters themselves were some of the most articulate, passionate young people that I've met in a long time.

The most impressive part of the morning was the way that the staff turned our group of 20+ visitors over to the youth themselves to lead us on a tour of the facility.

What a novel concept: entrust your donors to your clients, and let them show themselves off rather than have you talk about them!

This single move was perhaps the most indicative moment of the morning about the impact of the KIPP : TRUTH Academy on the kids. Their fantastic principal and highly capable development officer knew that their "product" could speak for itself.

I am fully confident that these young men and women are well on their way to a bright and bold future. All I asked of them was this:

"When you end up running the world, can I work for you?"

Seriously impressive young leaders.

Our community is fortunate to have KIPP : TRUTH Academy call Dallas its home.

Learn more here:

[where: 75216]