Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free Website Statistics and Analysis

Google Analytics
Google Offers Free Website Statistics and Analysis
Here is another resource from Peter Grandstaff's blog, "8 Amazing eResources That Are Free For Non-Profits."
Google Analytics is a versatile and powerful website traffic analysis package that is free for anyone. That is, unless you get 5 million page views per month, then it’s free if you are an Adwords customer. Of course if you’re getting that many page views then you’re already using Adwords.

When you sign up you’ll get a snippet of code to put at the bottom of all your website’s pages. Once you’ve added it all you need to do is log into Google’s site and you’ll have access to a dizzying number of metrics for your site’s traffic and useage. There’s nothing more useful when you need to propose new funding or projects to your board (or your boss) than hard numbers, and Google Analytics will give you just that. It even creates custom graphs and lets you download everything in PDF format! You can also grant access to the data to other users so your whole team can stay up to date.

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