Monday, April 23, 2007

Another look at blogs on fundraising...

On February 15, I posted a chart of blogs on fundraising over the most recent 30 days...

I recently took another look at this graph, and was pretty amazed by the results. Looking over the past 180 days, there has been a very steady increase in the number of posts that contain Fundraising.
Technorati Chart
Click here to get your own chart.

Lots of new bloggers out there writing about the work and world of fundraising! I hope that they are following this great advice from "Have Fun * Do Good":

5 Tips to Start a Nonprofit Blog

Considering this increasing number of blogs on the topic of fundraising, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. I will continue to do my best to skim the blogosphere for the best writing available on fundraising, and to present it here in as straightforward and accessible a way as possible.


"I realize that you have a choice when you blog, and I thank you for choosing The Raiser's Razor."