Thursday, April 26, 2007

CDM's Urban Ministries Prayer Event: FORUM FOR OUR FUTURE

This morning, my organization hosted a prayer breakfast in which we invited the leading seven candidates for Mayor of Dallas to present their plans for addressing poverty in our community. Over 1,100 people attended our event -- one of the highest in the 12-year history of the breakfast, which has previously featured speakers such as then-Governor and now-President George Bush, Senator John Edwards, Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo and others.

We hosted the event for several reasons. Financially, the event's goal is just to break even (we gave away as many tickets as we sold). The primary motivation for the event is to create a forum in which we can discuss the issues that matter most to our mission. This supports our long-term branding of focusing on the root causes of poverty, while also focusing the future mayor's attention on the issues of poverty.

Audio from the event is available here, thanks to our local affiliate of National Public Radio -- KERA 90.1 (whose incredibly talented reporter Catherine Cuellar is one of the hardest working people in radio):

KERA: Central Dallas Ministries Mayoral Candidates Forum (2007-04-26)