Monday, May 28, 2007

Gates Foundation Awards $2 Million to Ursuline Academy of Dallas

Congratulations to Ursuline Academy of Dallas on this amazing gift. Not only am I proud to see the Gateses investing in Melinda's home town of Dallas, but I am very happy for Ursuline to receive this gift -- my wife was a student at the school when I, a wee lad of 15 at the time, fell in love with her!

PND - News - Gates Foundation Awards $2 Million for Science, Math, and Technology Center

Gates Foundation Awards $2 Million for Science, Math, and Technology Center

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle has announced a $2 million grant to the Ursuline Academy of Dallas for construction of the French Family Science, Math, and Technology Center.

To help guide the facility's planning process, a task force has been formed that will advise the Catholic college preparatory school for women in areas ranging from curriculum needs to environmentally sensitive construction and community resource programs during the architectural design phase. Melinda French Gates, a graduate of the academy, is a longtime advisor and donor to the academy. In January 2006, the Gates Foundation awarded $5 million — the largest single gift in the academy's history — to support science, math, and technology education.

"This new gift moves us significantly closer to groundbreaking and successful completion of our strategic plan," said Sr. Margaret Ann Moser, president of the academy. "It also inspires all of our supporters who are working to help Ursuline achieve this landmark project."

“Ursuline Receives Additional $2 Million Grant; Science, Math, Technology Building Task Force is Formed.” Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Press Release 5/22/07.