Sunday, September 2, 2007 Web Site Showcases Charity Videos

The Chronicle of Philanthropy writes about a new Web Site (that) Showcases Charity Videos" called The site is very user friendly, and it's easy to upload videos.

See my organiation's page here:

The only problem is that, just like YouTube or GoogleVideo, you cannot select the thumbnail that is used to represent your video. We have begun our videos with a fade-in from black, so half of our videos have a black screen thumbnail instead a picture of the person speaking.

If online videos are an important part of your communications portfolio, avoid using a fade-in for two reasons:

1. The problem above is unavoidable if you use a hosting service like YouTube or GoogleVideo, which I highly suggest because of the expanded audience that you receive (and the fact that it's free and does not use you server's bandwidth to play the videos).

2. For people who do not watch a lot of online videos (and those with slow connections), they may not realize that your video has started playing and will close the window prematurely since the screen is all black.

SEND ME LINKS: Have a good video that tells a non-profit's story? Send it my way, and I'll blog on it.