Monday, September 3, 2007

Free Website Giveaway - HotPress Web

I received an email earlier this week from Steve Thiel, managing partner of HotPress Web, a web marketing company in Denver Colorado. His company is donating a custom website to one charity, church, or non-profit on September 31.

More information here:

Denver Colorado Free Website Giveaway - HotPress Web

They do this every quarter. They are accepting applications until September 30, 2007 and will be selecting an organization the following day.

The last website they donated was to the Cunningham Foundation:

I was very impressed by this promotion, and took a look through some of their sites. All seem to be very high quality.

This donation is valued around $5,000.

I encourage you all to consider applying ... I checked, and it's open to all non-profits in the US (not just Colorado).