Monday, May 5, 2008

10-Point Basic Website Checklist for Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide put together this nice 10-Point Basic Website Checklist for Nonprofits

  1. Does the Domain Name Make Sense?
  2. Do I Know Where I Am?
  3. Is There a Clear Path to Answers or Actions Visitors are Most Likely Seeking?
  4. Does the Home Page Include Images?
  5. Can I Donate Online Easily from the Home Page?
  6. Are You Capturing Email Addresses?
  7. Are People Featured?
  8. Are There Stories on the Need or Successes?
  9. Is It Easy to Contact Staff?
  10. Are Your Google Keywords on Target?

And while you're at it... don't forget to make your site mobile friendly (thanks to Vitamin Features for this one).
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