Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good Capital / Social Capital Index

The latest eNewsletter from Good Capital reports:

Social Capital IndexTwo months ago the Good Capitalist released the first edition of the Social Capital Index, a timely tracking of investments in the social capital market. Through the DealSpace feature, the Index tracks capital movements in social enterprise (health, education, and workforce development), fair trade, digital inclusion, and some clean tech and microfinance investments. This month the SoCap Index returns with a new feature: Deals in Play.

The DealSpace section of the Index lists investments already made, while Deals in Play presents investments waiting to happen. The companies and funds listed in Deals in Play are actively seeking capital to either get their enterprise off the ground or expand an already proven business model. Through an initial screen, Good Capital has identified these companies as promising social enterprises. Good Capital has not conducted due diligence on the entities listed and makes no claims about their viability, but it presents them here in an effort to make it easier for worthy enterprises and investors to find each other. As with the rest of the Social Capital Index that tracks funds and companies that have received money, Deals in Play will eventually be incorporated into a searchable online database.
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