Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update on V3 Campaign

Robert Egger could kick your ass, and you'd like itThe DC Central Kitchen's inimitable leader, Robert Egger, sent the following to subscribers to the V3 -- Voice, Vote, Value -- Campaign. I encourage you to subscribe.

We've made some really great strides in getting the word out about the V3 Campaign. They include:

  1. A great op-ed in the

    Financial Times,
    where I was able to speak to the broad strategies we are
    employing to get candidates to understand the economic value that nonprofits
    bring to every community.

  2. A great one hour podcast on the V3
    Campaign and the future for nonprofits, thanks to an amazing friend and
    stellar, young leader, Rosetta Thurman, who runs

    Perspectives from the Pipeline.

  3. We launched a new

    page for the V3 Campaign, which has made it real easy for younger
    nonprofit colleagues to forward information to their networks. If you haven't
    joined, please do!! 

  4. The Chronicle of Philanthropy
    just initiated a

    Campaign 2008
    page on their website, which is packed with great info on
    the how and whats of election work. The V3 Campaign and the Primary Project
    are both listed (and are the only two efforts that speak to the broad work of
    the sector).

Learn more here:
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