Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Caruth legacy continues to shape Dallas' non-profit scene

Mabel Peters Caruth
Portrait of a Donor: Mabel Peters Caruth (click here for full story)
Thanks to the far-ranging vision of lifelong philanthropist Mabel Peters Caruth, who passed on her estate to the Communities Foundation of Texas in 2000, the amazing legacy of her family's generosity will continue to grow.

The Caruth family, which has been a leading part of Dallas since 1948, donated much of the land that is now the home of the Southern Methodist University (SMU). Now, thanks to Mrs. Mabel Peters Caruth's final act of generosity, the family's house will become the new home to two of Dallas' most pretigious benefactors: the Hoblitzelle and Summerlee foundation, which are both currently housed in the same building in Preston Center.

The long partnership between all three of these foundations can only be enriched and deepened by this move, which bodes well for all non-profits in Dallas. Thanks to Brent Christopher and his staff at CFT for leading the charge to forge a better future for Dallas.

Here is an article with the details:
Dallas Morning News: Foundations to occupy restored Caruth home