Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Your input needed for renewing donors

FundRaising Success wants your input on the following question: What are the most effective strategies you know to secure second gifts from new donors?

According to the site: "To send responses/comments, e-mail: Responses should not exceed 100 words. Your ideas, insights and opinions could be published in an upcoming issue of FundRaising Success magazine. "

Here was my response:

The most effective strategy to secure a second gift from a new donor is to thank them multiple ways in a variety of media: a personalized email within 48 hours of receipt that has information about online giving below your signature, a formal acknowledgment letter within 5 days of receipt of gift, a handwritten note within a month, a phone call within 6 months to thank them again and then a direct appeal letter 12 months after their last gift to remind them of their support and encourage them to donate again.

What do you think?