Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free email and collaboration tools for your school

Free email and collaboration tools for your school
Google provides free email and collaboration tools for schools
Here is yet another resource from Peter Grandstaff's blog, "8 Amazing eResources That Are Free For Non-Profits." I encourage you to read the full bloghere.
Google Apps Education Version - Web-based Mail & Collaboration Application Suite

Google Apps Education Edition is a set of web-based applications and services that runs on Google’s servers but using your domain name. You can outsource your email & office applications, use instant messaging, host video, and collaborate. The Education Edition includes some extra features and is also free for non-profit organizations.

You can use Google Apps with any domain, but the Education Edition has some extra features that could benefit larger organizations. If you use DreamHost for your hosting you’ll be able to install Google Apps when you set up a new domain in the control panel.
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