Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free Blog & Content Management System for Nonprofits

Wordpress - Free Blog & Content Management System for Nonprofits
Wordpress offers nonprofits Free Blog & Content Management System for Nonprofits
Here is another resource from Peter Grandstaff's blog, "8 Amazing eResources That Are Free For Non-Profits." I encourage you to read the full bloghere.
Wordpress - Blog & Content Management System

"Wordpress can confuse people at first because there are two Wordpresses: WordPress.org is home to the free and open source blogging software, and WordPress.com is a site that runs the WordPress software and lets you host your own blog on their site. The are both free to anyone and great for non-profit organizations. If you have your own website you can install WordPress as an add-on to provide a blog on your site, or it can be used to run the entire site like a content management system, or CMS. In fact you’re looking at WordPress right now, as I use it to run my website.

"You can log into an administrative panel on your website and write or edit content as if you were using a word processor, or using HTML if you prefer. WordPress stores your content in a database and automatically applies styles or themes to your work so you can worry about creating content rather than making things work and look right.

"Out of the box WordPress isn’t the best CMS. (It’s a great blogging framework!) Luckily there are many many freely available extensions that add all sorts of features to WordPress making it a very adaptable and easy to use CMS. You don’t need to be an expert to use it or install it, especially if you use DreamHost!"
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