Thursday, June 11, 2009

20 Questions with Peter Drucker (How to Drucker-ize Your Nonprofi)

Peter Drucker just wore me outWow, I really had no idea what I was getting into when I typed all of that up.

For those who missed it, we just reviewed each of Peter Drucker's "5 Most Important questions" and their subsidiary questions...

Here they all are again, in review:

  1. What Is Our Mission?

    1. What is the Current Mission?

    2. What are Our Challenges?

    3. What are Our Opportunities?

    4. Does the Mission Need to be Revisited?

  2. Who Is Our Customer?

    1. Who are Our Primary and Supporting Customers?

    2. How will Our Customers Change?

  3. What Does the Customer Value?

    1. What do We Believe Our Primary and Supporting
      Customers alue?

    2. What Knowledge do We Need to Gain from Our Customers?

    3. How will I Participate in Gaining This Knowledge?

  4. What Are Our Results?

    1. How do We Define Results?

    2. Are We Successful?

    3. How Should We Define Results?

    4. What must We Strengthen or Abandon?

  5. What Is Our Plan?

    1. Should the Mission be Changed?

    2. What are Our Goals?

Thanks again to Bob Buford for reconnecting me with these ideas.

What are your overall impressions? Is this sort of work useful to nonprofit organizations? How much easier would your job be if your organization had a clear answer to all of these questions -- and aligned its energies and resources accordingly?

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