Friday, June 5, 2009

The State of U.S. Charitable Giving: A Live Discussion With the Authors of Giving USA

Thanks to the Chronicle of Philanthropy for this amazing opportunity:

As the economic downturn has sent shock waves throughout the fund-raising world, the big question for nonprofit groups is whether their level of donations is better or worse than that of other nonprofit organizations.

On June 10, with the release of the latest edition of Giving USA,nonprofit groups will have a measuring stick to determine how they are doing.

Giving USA, published annually since 1956 by Giving USA Foundation and written and researched at Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy, offers one of the most authoritative benchmarks of American philanthropy.

Join us on the day the report is released to gain insights into what the philanthropy researchers found. What happened to different types of charitable causes in 2008 - and what does that mean for 2009 and beyond? What are some organizations doing to respond to the current economic challenges?

Don't miss your opportunity to pose questions directly to the report's authors and other top fund raisers.

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