Friday, October 19, 2007

Online NPO Video Competitions: $1,000 For those who give a damn, $25,000 for those who give a bit more...

Two interesting video contests for those of you who, you know....

Give a Damn :: GOOD :: MOLI ::

"One year ago GOOD magazine launched for people like us – people who give a damn. Since then, GOOD has been a beacon for all of us who dream of a better world – and especially for those of us who are taking action to bring change.

" wants to know what YOU give a damn about, and wants to help you tell the world.

"Tell us: * What do you give a damn about and why? * What are you doing about it? * How should others who give a damn about this issue get involved?

"The “___ Like You Give a Damn!” Video Project will be featured in October on, where viewers can comment on which projects are most important to them and why.

"At the end of the month (October), MOLI and GOOD will select a “winning” issue or organization to spotlight.

"And will donate $1,000 to the winning cause."

Trent Stamp's Take: What Do You Stand For?

"Our friends over at Google wanted me to share with my readers a cause-driven contest being sponsored by MGM and supported by Google and YouTube in anticipation of the new Redford/Streep/Cruise film, Lions for Lambs. They're asking you to submit a short video explaining an issue you're passionate about. The winner gets a nice chunk of cash to give to your favorite reputable charity.

"Yes, I know it's a marketing ploy. And yes, I know that the pay-out ($25,000) is less than what MGM would pay to run a single ad on commercial television. But that doesn't change the fact that it's a cool idea. Check it out. Tell the world what you're fighting for. Maybe you'll win. Probably you won't. But I believe that by being bold enough to tell the world what you believe in, and what you're willing to stand for, you've already won."