Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Few Articles on Improving your Online Impact

Proving that there are only a few real writers on the 'net compared to the swarming hordes of copying-and-pasting linkers like me, below is a quote I saw in a FundRaising Success article called "Young Donors, High Expectations" that cited Betsy Harman's blog "Reaching Donors Under 40." Betsy's original blog itself was in response to a presentation that she saw at the AFP Northern New England chapter conference.

“I often visit nonprofit websites where it takes multiple steps to get to the online donation page and then the online donation page takes multiple steps to fill out and I think back to [a presentation on reaching donors under 40 that I attended a few years ago] and the donor under 40 who said ‘If your online donation page doesn’t load within 6 seconds and doesn’t work with Google autofill forget it, I’m not donating to your organization.’ These donors are busy and because they grew up in the Amazon era, they expect technology to be easy to use and they expect a high degree of personalization.”
Betsy makes some excellent points. Fittingly, here are some additional articles from Fundraising Success that will provide some good advice on building more effective charity Web sites:

Choosing the Right Online Payment Tool

Five Steps to Effective EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

12 Musts for Your EFT Program

While you're doing all this reading online, consider following Gayle Robert's advice in her blog Fundraising for Nonprofits: Getting to know LinkedIn.

And yes, like a foolish lemming, I am on LinkedIn:

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