Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Big Announcement

After three and a half years, I have made the very difficult decision to leave my position as Director of Development for Central Dallas Ministries.

On October 6, I will join Cynthia B. Nunn's team at the Center for Nonprofit Management in the role of Vice President of Development.

I admit, I did not see this move coming. I certainly did not look for it!

In fact, were it not for the work of my good friends Jim Chambers and Lesa Engelthaler at TNS Partners, I would never have applied. But Jim and Lesa are not the type to be turned down, and their persistence and sincerity convinced me that this move would be worth exploring.

I was drawn to the prospect of not just supporting the good work of one organization, but improving the work of over 1,300 organizations that are touched by the Center each year. One of my growing passions has been my work as an advocate for the overall non-profit sector, and CNM certainly stands at the forefront of the sector's efforts to improve itself as well as its standing in the community.

And I admit ... my fascination with the work of Robert Egger (founder of the D.C. Central Kitchen as well as the V3 Campaign) played no small part in my decision.

However, I do not plan to leave CDM ... merely to transition from "employee" to volunteer and advocate. Much of my heart and life are now wrapped up in the work of this wonderful ministry, and I have no desire to extricate myself from its future.

Beyond that, as I consider the road ahead, I realize that my path does not take me away from CDM's mission of building genuine community . . . in fact, if I am true to the Center's mission of improving the performance and impact of nonprofit organizations, my path will take me deeper into the heart of CDM's own mission.

This is still a difficult time for me. I am grateful that I am turning my work over to some of the best fundraisers in the city of Dallas: Lisa Goolsby, Jenny Fogel and Katie Goldberg are the "Power Trio" that ensures that CDM's wheels keep turning. Jessica Davila had the unenviable task of being my administrative assistant, and her incredible talents will continue to support the CDM Development team in their work. And thank God for Lisa Robinson, who just joined the organization as its Grants & Contracts Manager: her leadership will ensure that CDM continues its incredible trajectory of 20-30% annual revenue growth for the coming years.

Of course, the hardest part of my decision was facing the reality of being outside the immediate world of Larry James, the President & CEO of CDM.

I have worked with Larry nearly every day since February 1, 2005 . . . and I am continually amazed by the clarity of his vision for the community, the passionate dedication that fills his heart and the unbending strength of his will to improve life for our neighbors.

It is impossible for me to know how much I will miss being a part of this world (which is so perfectly described in these Core Values).

My greatest hope is that I will gain an even greater ability to help Larry and his team in this new position.

I look forward to the challenge.

Here is my new contact information, as of October 6th:

Jeremy Gregg, CFRE
Vice President of Development
Center for Nonprofit Management
2902 Floyd Street
Dallas, Texas 75204
214.286.3470 ext. 224