Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So, you wanna be a blogger?

For God's sake, don't start blogging.


There, I've said. You've been told. And yet, you still want to do it. You think it will be good for you or your organization. You might be right.

You also might ruin your experience with the Internet.

I started this little blog as merely a place to keep the links and articles that I have read so that I could quickly find them later. Next thing I know, Phil Cubeta links to me, and suddenly people are reading this thing.

And amazingly, subscribing.

And so the addiction builds. And I start blogging daily. And then I find myself blogging today for blogs I'll publish tomorrow, fighting the temptation to put up more than one blog per day.

Because that is a sign of the end-times.

Anyway, I am sure that I cannot distract you from your desire to blog. And so, I ask, if you must blog...

Please read "What not to name your blog" by Michael Weiss of Slate Magazine.

And then wait a day before blogging.

And if you do blog, consider putting up one of these stickers on it:

But seriously, do not create a blog. We all have everything we need at Gift Hub.